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SIJE 2017 Jewellery and Gold Exhibition in Singapore

Exclusive Invitation – Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017 @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore!

There is no finer place to display your jewelry collection than at the dazzling Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017.

The abundance of natural gems and resources in Asian countries, coupled with the 5% increase in the number of high net worth individuals in Singapore to 105,100 in 2017*, provides an unparalleled opportunity for tapping into Asia’s fast developing jewelry market. SIJE 2017 will continue to be the affluent hub to showcase fine collections of luxury gem pieces to the well-heeled in Singapore as well as traders and high net worth buyers from China and India; the two most competitive markets in Asia.

Be a part of the SIJE 2017 at held at Marina Bay Sands, the jewelry marketplace for both exhibitors and buyers alike!

What SIJE 2016 exhibitors say:

  • “This year’s show has been very encouraging, even on the first day there has been a lot of footfall, there’s been better traffic than the previous years, the organisers have done a wonderful job with the publicity and the promotion of this expo.”

-Ms. Au Yeong Siew Peng, Degem

  • “This is the 2nd year I participated in SIJE show, and I’m very happy, and I’m very glad of the organisation, and as well I can see an improvement in the quality of the exhibition compared to last year, I think I would definitely come back next year and I would try to bring more Italian companies.”

– Mr. Fabio Massimo Cascapera, Famosi

  • “I’m happy about the setup of the Italian jewelry and I hope in the future there will be more fine jewelry.”

– Mr. Josef Fozailoff, Fozailoff since 1895

  • “This show, is an amazing platform for Singaporeans and the jewellers, people from the trade to exhibit their wares. It is the show to be in in Singapore thank you guys.

– Mr. Ronald Low, Ivy Masterpiece

  • The SIJE has been very well organised, put together by CEMS, and I appreciate very much the marketing efforts, the publicity, and I wish them all the best for this year and the next.

– Ms. Goh Shuet-Li, La Putri

  • This is our first time in Singapore in this show, and we are very impressed with the show. The traffic is quite good. We have Singaporean customers and even exhibitors from Europe stop by our booth to place an order from us. We really appreciate that thank you.

– Ms. Pongtip Tulyagijja, Senexi

  • “I’ve been with this show for 5 years. The reason I keep coming back again and again is because it gives me the opportunity to get better publicity and to meet different customers from all walks of life and it’s been wonderful so far and we will continue to support this show. Thank you.”

– Ms. Simone Ng, Simone Jewels

  • “This is our third year exhibiting at SIJE. We started 3 years ago with a smaller booth, the year after we expanded our booth to a bigger size. And this year as well. The reason being because we get better results every year.”

– Mr. Sam Chehaiber, Yuli Fine Jewelry

  • “SIJE is an important show in our calendar… We feel that the Singaporean consumer is very much in tune with Italian jewelry… The opening ceremony was beautiful this year as with every year. So we forward for sure to be here next year as well to display our beautiful collection here in Singapore.”

-Mr. Eli Zybert, Zydo SRL

  • “The show was “Flawless” just as I would say when my diamond is perfect! The pre-show preparations, promotions and professional show management with a smile were all immaculate. Even if I were to think hard, there is not a single spec of complain.”

-Mr. Sanjay Shah, Novaten